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Roman Shades Orange

Roman Shades Orange

Custom full-length drapers have a popularity of richness and drama. This case is, however, not always the case when the building’s owner wants a less hard cover. The best option for such a scenario is Roman shades.

These shades have less fuss and operate in more strict boundaries than most draperies. They have a clean and modern look that blends well with most furniture as well as the exterior. Roman shades have a realistic look and built-in covers that determine the exact usage of the wall space.

How to choose Roman shades in Orange


The face of the drapery is critical when dealing with Roman shades. The material will set the tone of the fabric’s color and pattern, as well as determine its transparency. 

A fabric with a light and medium weight is light enough to maintain a smooth flow when open and to lie neat after closing. Test the gathers and weight of your preferred material by folding them together. A fabric that does not lie flat at the edge of the fold is not the nest option.

Constructed and relaxed

The overall style of Roman shades falls into two categories. Relaxed shades do not have a stuff support system inside and tend to allow the fabric to hang low. The weight gives a curve at the bottom and makes a shape that the industry calls a ‘soft smiley.’ 

Constructed shades have sewn-in rods, battens, and dowels that create a stiff appearance. They have a straight edge at the bottom that makes them look rigid.

Both Roman shades will work equally on most average sizes of windows. The relaxed one will, however, be difficult to maintain on wide windows and will require better management and a lift. Constructed shades will be a better option because the fabric holds its shape when you fold them. 


Some shades do not require padding. Adding one, however, adds a smooth and finished luxurious appeal on the face. The material hides the lift strings of the shade. It also filters light from the back and reduces the amount of sun penetrating to the room.

The choice of the lining material can vary from a light transparent type to a total blackout type. Choose according to how much light you want in the room and the interior aesthetics. You can use blackout lining in the bedroom and brighter ones in the living room.

Some Roman shades in Orange benefit from the addition of an interlining. The slightly thicker fabric gives a more solid look to material like silk.


A roman shade rises or goes down by the use of three kinds of commands:

  • A continuous loop system – The controls use a length of bead chains and operate in a consistent manual manner
  • Cleat and cord – These controls have a traditional look and feel and a more silent operation
  • Integrated electric motors - These work with buttons and assume a preset position. They require wiring and programming and usually cost more than the alternatives.




Roman Shades Orange
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Roman Shades Orange Roman Shades Orange
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