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As a busy homeowner, you expect innovative products that retain their functionality and good looks without excessive maintenance. Composite shutters are constructed with a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state – for incredible density and strength. Made from the wood of rapid-growth trees, Composite shutters enable tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate.

In addition, Composite's UV inhibitors do not release any volatile organic compound and protects against color fading and yellowing. Our patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Composite is the natural choice of shutter for your windows.

Features & Benefits

  • - Built around the concept of modern convenience, Composite shutters are made of composite wood harvested from well-managed forests and finished with a polypropylene coating that prevents moisture absorption and allows for easy stain removal. It resists cupping, warping and twisting.
  • - Reinforced engineered stiles – Stile core durability reinforced with multiple layers of wood bonded together. The result is a robust support system for shutter panels.
  • - UV inhibitor protects shutters and home décor from UV rays, prevents color fading and sun damage.
  • - Composite’s classic painted colors harmonize brilliantly with any décor. The beauty, durability and quality finish of Composite shutters is reasonably priced.
  • - Multiple stile options are available in various sizes to accommodate different window configurations. Astragal or Rabbet stiles provide a natural light block between panels.
  • - A wide range of frames with inserts, which keep installation screws out of sight for a clean and decorative look, match any style and preference.
  • - Personalize shutters with special options. Choose from fixed louvers, hidden or offset tilt rods, café styles, bay and corner window shutters, track systems and many more.
  • - Quick and easy on-site assembly and installation with the pre-installed magnets and hinges, pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.
  • - A guarantee of Superior View shutters exemplary quality with a lifetime limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

Colors & Louvers


Pure White, Silk White, Bright White, Pearl, Creamy



  • - 1 ⅞"*
  • - 2 ½"
  • - 3 ½"
  • - 4 ½"
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